Digital Marketing Definition Glossary


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Ever feel like you need a degree just to understand all of the terms thrown at you in the digital marketing world? CPC. CTR. Geofencing. Tripwire. Squeeze page. 

Instead of guessing, or having to hit pause and research every time you hear about that great new marketing tactic, get the guide that distills it down to exactly what you need to know to grow your business in today’s digital world.

In this 8-page guide, you’ll get the skinny on:

  • Paid advertising terms, such as cost per lead, cost per impression, and retargeting…
  • Online business terms, like affiliates, sales funnel, tripwire, and squeeze page…
  • Online marketing terms, including, search engine marketing, qualified leads, and call to action…
Are you ready to speak the language of making money online? Add the Digital Marketing Definition Glossary to your cart and start learning today.