Pre-Launch Email Sequence


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Your launch starts when the cart opens, right? Actually, one of the best ways to guarantee more sales in your launch is to start early by building excitement and buy-in before your cart opens. 

Instead of letting your open-cart emails do all of the heavy lifting, use the pre-launch period to strategically position your offer and prime your audience for buying.

In this customizable 3-part email template, you’ll get:

  • The exact formula to share your story of how far you’ve come and introduce your offer in the context of helping your audience have their own breakthrough…
  • How to use exclusivity to get customers buying before the cart even opens to the public…
  • Plus, how to tell your client’s success stories and offer an early bird bonus to kick your launch off with a healthy number of sales…

You pour your heart and soul (and time, energy, and money) into your products, services, and courses, make sure your launch has the best chance for success. Add the Pre-Launch Email Sequence to your cart and start planting the seeds for your open-cart today.