Launch Sequences That Sell


Our products are designed to save you time, provide clarity on your next step and give you a clearly defined course of action.


The big day is here! You’ve launched your offer and...crickets.You posted on social and sent an email to your list, but have zero sales to show for it. Your launch email sequence may be the missing piece.

Instead of wishing and hoping someone will buy based on the sliver of a chance that they saw your post on Facebook and clicked through, set yourself up for launch success with my "Secret Recipe for Sales" launch email sequence.

In this customizable 11-email sequence, you’ll discover:

  • How to get your potential clients on a call to sell them high-ticket offers…
  • The power of case studies and testimonials to get your audience to buy into your methods…
  • How to overcome buying objections with social proof, barrier removal, and valuable bonuses…

Give your launch the fuel it needs to turn browsers into buyers with a proven email sequence. Add the Launch Email Sequence to your cart and start building your successful launch today.